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Disregard the good looks, appearances might be deceiving. Listen and be amazed. Wonder how we refuted commonly accepted logic by creating a small brand that sounds so much better than well known brands at a fraction of their cost. So how did we do it? Simple! All resources went into research and development instead of advertizing and marketing. A well known fact that most major speaker manufacturers spend between 50 to 80% of their budget for marketing, and guess who caries that cost? That’s right, You the consumer. That’s why you will not find us in any of the major retail stores. Our product can only be bought thru small network of select, well established, experienced dealers that believe in this product by simple virtue of the fact that thru years of experience they can tell the true value of the speaker when they see or should we say hear one.

Not all speakers are created equally

Sanctuary Audio X-series was created specifically for the Home Theater. Since its inception, the X series has been designed and engineered as a Home Theater Speaker line that has no equal in its price range. No expense was spared and it shows the instant you lay your eyes on these creations. The best audio engineering minds were involved in creating a loudspeaker line that would shatter an old theory that “any speaker that holds its own in 2 channel stereo mode will sound as good in the multi-channel situation…” After endless tests, numerous prototypes, and sleepless nights, we created product that proved it wrong beyond any doubt. From the very first note you will get our message, but don’t take our word for it! We urge you to experience it yourself and realize why not all speakers are created equally.

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